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When The Other New York Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance

The last thing anyone wants to hear from the at-fault driver is that they don’t have insurance. When this happens there are potential solutions available. At Wegerski Law Firm, we have the extensive personal injury and insurance experience to get results. We are highly skilled in negotiating with insurance companies to get you fair compensation.

Your Policy May Cover Your Injuries

It is not uncommon for injured people to feel helpless when they find out that the driver that hit them doesn’t have insurance. It is also not uncommon for your own insurance to tell you that they will not cover all of the damages. Because we have handled hundreds of these types of claims, we understand how to approach these issues to procure the best results for you.

The truth is, your policy may cover more than the representative is letting on. Insurance companies are profit driven. They will not pay out unless legally compelled to do so. We know that the language in your policy is very confusing. This is no accident. Fortunately, our legal team sees right through this. We can review your policy and tell you how much your case is worth, what your policy will likely cover and how we can help you get maximum compensation. If your insurer has made an offer, we can review this with you and tell you whether the offer is fair and reasonable, given the circumstances of your injury.

We Focus On Your Needs

Sadly, after a serious accident the other driver’s insurance is not going to advocate for you. Nine times out of ten your own insurance will not be transparent about your coverage and the maximum amount available. We are here to help you get a fair share.

We understand the stress and feelings of helplessness you have after a serious injury. The last thing you need to have to do is go up against the insurance giant. Here is where we can assist. As attorneys, we speak “legalese”, we understand the system and we are agile negotiators. We have taken and won hundreds of cases involving car, truck and motorcycle accidents.

Court cases take time, money and legal resources. Insurance companies know it is often more expensive to go to court than it is to pay out a fair settlement. This is why the overwhelming percentage of cases settle. Rarely, in fewer than 5% of cases, an insurance company will not offer a reasonable payout when we negotiate. If this happens, we will fight for you. We are trial lawyers. This means that with every case we take, we prepare for trial. If the insurance company wants to play hardball then we are prepared to fight.

We Are Ready To Fight For Your Rights

We are able and ready to take on big insurance. Call 315-314-5405 and set up a free consultation with our legal team. You can also reach us at the firm via our contact email form. We provide free consultations to people who are injured in Syracuse and communities throughout New York.