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New York Mediation Services Attorney

Any client who has experienced litigation knows that it can be extremely time-consuming and costly. Wegerski Law Firm has the experience and record of results you can trust in alternative dispute resolution. We have been involved as both third-party mediators and in representing a party to a claim.

Recently, we were able to resolve a case in less time and settled for twice as much as we expected. Our client was set up immediately with a financial planner to help with a structured settlement so she could focus on her recovery.

Alternative Dispute Resolution In Personal Injury Claims

Mediation and arbitration in personal injury cases may arise when an insurance carrier or defendant is seeking to avoid litigation and resolve your case out of court. While it may be beneficial, it is also important to know your rights and obligations as you proceed in the alternative dispute resolution process. We have extensive experience in mediation and arbitration on behalf of ironworkers and victims of construction accidents. We also handle mediation in cases involving other personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Is Mediation Right For You Or Your Case?

There are many cases where mediation and arbitration are a better option to resolve the dispute. We will take a strategic approach to your case, providing you with the information you need to protect your rights and achieve optimal results in your case. In the event that litigation would be a better option for you, we will provide the sounds support and guidance you need.

Extensive Experience In Mediation And Arbitration – Contact Us

Contact Wegerski Law Firm for a free consultation with an experienced New York personal injury lawyer. We are committed to maximizing your compensation after an accident or injury.