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New York Defective Products Attorney

A manufacturer or distributor has a duty to ensure that the products being sold are safe for customers. Dangerous or defective products can leave victims permanently injured or even result in wrongful death. If a dangerous product has injured you, contact the Wegerski Law Firm. We have extensive experience in the investigation and pursuit of defective product claims on behalf of victims and their families.

When you purchase a product for yourself or a loved one, you expect that product is safe and that you will be warned of any hazards. It is your right as a consumer to recover compensation for any injury or wrongful death caused by a product.

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Our Firm Is Experienced In Products Liability Cases Involving

  • Motor vehicles and parts: Defective tires, defective brakes, snowmobile defects, watercraft defects, exploding lighters, airbags, seat belts
  • Pharmaceutical drugs: Defective testing protocols, dangerous drugs
  • Defective safety features: Heavy machinery, household items, tools
  • Defective equipment and machines: Construction site accidents
  • Bad design: Defective safety features
  • Failure to warn: Faulty instructions
  • Food poisoning
  • Defective children’s products: Toys, bicycles, clothing
  • Serious injury: Burn injuries, loss of limb, lacerations, head injuries, back injuries, loss of vision
  • Product recall
  • Wrongful death

Defective Product Cases And Construction Site Accidents

The attorneys at Wegerski Law Firm also represent ironworkers and other construction workers injured in construction accidents caused by defective or dangerous products. To begin an immediate investigation in your case or claim, please contact us as soon as possible. Our attorney will provide the strategic advocacy and sound counsel you need to protect your rights.

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